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Headphones are those little speakers that you put on or around your head. More commonly, headphones have two ear cups connected to an adjustable band that wraps around the wearers’ heads.

There are different types of headphones, like the smaller ones commonly called earphones which are usually placed inside the outer part of the ear. Headphones were didn’t dropped from the sky; they were invented.

So Let’s See How, Who Invented Headphones and When Headphones Were Invented?

Headphones originated from the telephone receiver earpiece, which was the only way to listen to electrical audio signals. The first truly successful pair of headphones was created in 1910 by Nathaniel Baldwin, who would make them manually in his kitchen. He sold the first set of headphones he’d made to the United States Navy and they became an instant success.

In the early days, headphones were produced with moving iron divers, either single-ended or balanced armatures. The single-ended type used voice coils wound around two poles of the permanent magnet, while the flexible steel diaphragm sat close to them.

The audio that is driven through the coils of a loudspeaker, modifies the magnetic field produced by a permanent magnet. The varying force applied to the diaphragm makes it vibrate and produce sound waves. The low amount of damping present in this scheme implies that there was significant resonance present in the frequency response, leading to significantly weak sound quality.

The impedance of headphones used in telegraph and telephone work had an impedance of 75 ohms. Those used with the early wireless radio had more turns of better wire to increase the sensitivity. Some very sensitive headphones, such as those were often manufactured by Brandes around 1919 and commonly used for early radio work. These headphones were essentially the foundation for electricity-free telephones that would be used in World War II.

Age of early powered radios

In early-model powered radios, the headphone was a part of a vacuum tube’s plate circuit and was very dangerous with high voltage. The headset was wired directly to the positive side of a high voltage battery and was connected directly to one of its terminals, while the other terminal was safely grounded. Using naked electrical connections exposed users to the risk of dangerous electrical shock if they touched the bare headphone connections while doing adjustment of an uncomfortable headset.

Portable stereo phonograph player

The world’s first personal stereo was created by John C. Koss, an audiophile and jazz enthusiast in 1958. He teamed up with engineer Martin Lange to develop a portable player or stereo phonograph player with side wing speakers. One of the product’s unique features was a privacy switch which allowed listeners to enjoy audio by plugging in the world’s first SP3 stereophone.

Prior to this period, headphones were used only by the United States Navy and telephone and radio operators. John C. Koss stereo headphones were made available to consumers in order to accommodate listening pleasure for those who enjoyed new fancy stereo LPs at home, while the smaller type of earbuds called earpieces, were specifically designed for hearing aids that individuals wear in their ears.

They were widely used with transistor radios and were first introduced commercially in 1954 with the emergence of Regency TR-1. The radio changed the listening habits of people because it allowed people to listen to the radio anywhere. The earphones use either a moving iron driver or piezoelectric coil within its earpieces to produce a clear sound.

3-5lbs headphones

The popularity of headphones really took off in the 1960s and 1970s as sales increased based on increased use by home users. In this era, Koss dominated the U.S. headphone market due to their 3-5lbs headphones which were either over-ear or on-ear models available with either mono or stereo capabilities.

Koss Beatlephones

In the 1960s, the major tactic that Koss employed in order to promote their headphones was through celebrity endorsement. In 1966, he introduced their first signature headphone called the Koss Beatlephones. These were mid-segment headphones with a Beatles sticker on it.

They were a huge hit as they dominated the market during this period, mainly due to the innovations that took place due to Koss. Koss contributed greatly to the invention and innovation of headphones via their own brand of products.

The first electrostatic headphones

In 1968, Koss invented the Koss ESP/6 which were the first electrostatic headphones available. In addition to being lighter in weight, Koss’s invention also reduced distortion in sound quality when compared with other headphones of that time. However, it took a few more years for consumers to begin seeing the appeal of lower weight rather than larger size.

Sony Walkman headphones

In 1979, Walkman changed the world of music because it was a portable music player. The MDR-3L2 headphones were developed specifically for the Walkman as an addition to the product. This made it easier for people to listen to music on the go.

The invention of the Walkman made smaller headphones very significant and well appreciated. Given the small size of the Sony Walkman, a corresponding set of small-sized portable headphones was needed. The Sony Walkman’s smaller size necessitated smaller headphones which are better suited for travel. The compactness of the Sony Walkman also improved portability, creating a more modern appearance compared to all other headphones sold that time.

Every headphone that came after the Sony Walkman was inspired by their compact design. 


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Headphones have been around for over 100 years and the industry has continued to innovate with restlessly changing technology and consumer interests.

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