We use earphones for a lot of purposes.

Some of us are using it for professional reasons, while most of us are using it for entertainment.

If you go for a 5-minute walk in a nearby park, you will see a huge number of youngsters using earphones while running, sitting aside, or even walking.

If you are also an earphone enthusiast just like me, then you might have heard about the driver size of earphones.

The driver of every earphone or headphone is responsible for generating sound waves in the earphones.

As a thumb rule, everyone will suggest you go for the biggest driver possible in earphones or headphones.

But not many people will talk about what is a good driver size for earphones? 

Average driver size for earphones

drivers for earphones and headphones come in various sizes and designs. For any earbuds or earphones, you can get drivers in a range of 6 to 15 millimeters in diameter. 

On the other hand, in headphones, you can fit drivers around 20 to 50 millimeters in diameter. That is why there is no doubt that headphones perform better as compared to earphones.

There is no average driver size for earphones or headphones. If you go in the market right now, you will see earphones from 6.5 millimeters to all the way 12-millimeter driver size with the same company.

Driver size and its impact on audio quality

Most people believe that the bigger the sound driver, the better the quality is. That statement is completely wrong. In some cases, it could be true, but most of the time, it is going to be wrong.

I understand that a bigger driver size can provide more ways, but this doesn’t mean that base is going to be impactful and full of quality. Many times bigger drivers struggle to reproduce high frequencies, and it can hamper your music experience.

Things that impact the audio quality

Apart from the size of the driver, there are several factors that can impact the audio quality of your earphones and headphones. It is a misconception that only sound drivers impact the quality of audio.


The material of audio drivers is very important to produce quality audio. If the driver of your headphones or earphones is made out of low-quality material, it can lead to unnecessary distortion and potential damage after a few days.

Cheap quality material will always struggle at high volumes, and it will create unnecessary distortion, which can hamper your listening and quality of music. 

Type of driver

The second thing which can impact your audio quality is the type of driver itself. There are different types of drivers available in the market, starting from dynamic, balanced amateur, planner magnetic, etc.

 Most earphones come with dynamic drivers as they are Evergreen and provide more quality and cheaper pricing. If you want the best quality drivers, then you should go with the magnetic drivers as it comes in 50 to 100-millimeter size.


Another important factor that can create or damage audio quality is frequency. When you compare headphones or earphones, it is very important for you to compare their frequency along with the size and type of driver. 

Most people make a mistake when they compare only drivers of earphones as it is not the only factor that can hamper the audio quality.

The higher range of frequency will produce more sensitive audio.

So next time when you are trying to buy new earphones or headphones, kindly do not only compare the size of the drivers.

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