Listening to music on gaming headphones has become a culture since the rise of Esports. 

All this has attracted millions of youngsters to go for Esports above anything else. 

Before some years, E-sport was a small industry, but in the last four years, it has become the most popular and growth-friendly industry in the world.

Due to several things, including a budget, Most gamers try to use gaming headphones for listening to music. 

At first look, you might find that it is very normal as both of them look very similar, and the end result is good audio. 

But, you should not use gaming headphones for listening to music. 

That is the bottom line because there are several things that differentiate between both of them. 

Gaming headsets and music headphones are built very differently, if not completely opposite, to each other.

Sound quality

Other things are secondary, but the sound quality is an important thing that distinguishes between gaming headsets and headphones. 

Gaming headsets are not designed for music. 

That is why they have a balanced audio profile where listening to music can be very disturbing or unfruitful.

Even though some gaming headsets are built exceptionally where you can adjust the equalizer, which will allow you to use different audio settings for gaming and music, they are going to be very expensive.

On the other hand, listening to music is very comfortable and fruitful on regular headphones. 

You will find a good balance of bass and treble in headphones as compared to gaming headsets. 

The good audio quality of headphones gives you an extra edge to listen to different music instruments along with the base.

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Different sizes

The second major reason for limited gaming headsets to be used as music headphones is the design of both of them. 

Generally, gaming headphones are way bulkier than regular headphones. 

Apart from that, more than 90% of Gaming headphones have an over-the-ear design. 

Along with that, they also have a bulkier microphone which makes everything bigger and uncomfortable if you are using that in public places.

On the other hand, Music headphones are way more portable, and they are built for good music as they have a better sound quality in comparison to gaming headsets. 

Apart from that, they are made out of lightweight particles with a smaller microphone to give you more portability, and you can use them in gyms, at home, or traveling very easily.


Even though we don’t focus on design much whenever it comes to headphones or earphones, Sometimes it can be very important for you to focus on the designing part also.

As you are already aware, everything related to gaming is full of LED lights. 

Similarly, gaming headphones are also loaded with different LEDs, and they look very odd in public places or while traveling.

If you are one of those people who is thinking of using gaming headphones to listen to music while traveling or in public places, then it might not be a good idea. 

On the other hand, regular headphones are designed without any leads to giving you the most stylish and classical look in public places or while traveling.

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Our recommendation

As a tech expert, we will suggest you go for separate headphones for gaming and music. 

It is never going to be a wise decision to use one single headphone for two different tasks.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you are using gaming headphones, you will find they have more bass?.

It is because the manufacturer of headphones and developers of the game want you to have more bass to get involved in that game and have a better gaming experience.

On the other hand, whenever you use regular headsets for gaming or music, you won’t find those headphones to be full of bass. 

While listening to music, you want more accurate songs. 

You always require balanced sound so that you can differentiate between several notes.

Usually, gaming headsets lack the midsection under the frequency chart. 

The midsection is very important for the music. 

Most of the normal headphones are built on the mid structure, which gives the user a better music experience.